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just a reminder..

Couple of quick Decades-related announcements:

If yr hankering for new-post-wave-goth-punk flavour, one half of the Decades team (dj Contrasoma) somehow got caught up (along with </a></b></a>partianskeey, AKA Herr Doktor) in a new night happening at the (Marble) Arch on Thursdays (518 Richards, barely south of Pender). It's called Blender. It's a pretty open format as the name implies, think lots of Decades-related stuff mixed with alt-industrial-metal-stomp-whatever. Opens at 9, no cover before 10:30, $4 afterwards. Cheap beer and a great pool table. Lots of Decades regulars have already started coming out on a weekly basis, so come on down, see some new and old faces, get yr drink on, get yr rocks off, do that Charleston dance all the kids are talking about nowadays, and have a blast.


TODAY, July 11 @ BLIM

My Favorite. From New York, reading Nancy Drew novels on the subway, "Louder Than Bombs" on the headphones, obsessed with Joan Of Arc. Songs for dancing, songs for rainy-day idylls and teen ideals. Everything you imagined the city would hold while you were stuck in the suburbs.

(The door'll be: likely $5-$7)

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